Community-Centric Approach to Clean Energy

We are working to advance our commitment to making clean energy accessible and affordable for all. We believe everyone deserve clean, healthy and fresh air regardless of their income or the zip code they live in. Our goal is to put the health and well-being of our communitites at the center of what we do.

The health and economic impact of fossil fuel

Pollution from fossil has a disproportianate negative impact communities of color  and low income families. In addition, they spend a larger percentage of their household income on their energy bills than the wealthier housholds.

Our Impact

Accelerating the transition to clean energy will unleash a wealth of new job opportunities in clean energy. The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly and has a positive impact on our economy. The industry helps provide good-paying jobs for low to middle income workers.

Clean Energy For All

Despite the growing demand for distributed solar generation, only approximately 25% of the residential rooftops in the US can effectively accommodate solar PV installations. Potential customers may be renters, have roofs that are excessively shaded or in need of maintenance, may live in multifamily buildings or may not be economically qualified for a solar lease or purchase.

Frequent Asked Questions

Why choose community solar garden?

Community solar gardens (CSG) allows you to join your neighbors or community to subscribe to the community solar garden and save money on your electric bill. Community solar garden generates clean energy and reduces carbon footprint.

What other benefits can i get when i join the community solar garden?

Here are some of the benefits you ca get when you join:

  • Save money on your electricity bill.
  • No upfront cost to you.
  • Pay-as-you-go with subscription option.
  • Hedge against utility rate increases.
  • Get clean energy without installing sollar on your proberty.
  • Receive federal and local tax crdits for eligible solar projects.

How solar panels work?

Solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity—even on cloudy days. Solar panels, which are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day. In addition, solar panels do not create noise, air or water pollution. 

Can schools, non profits or businesses join the community solar garden?

Yes! whether you are a school or non profit you can be part of the community solar garden. In addition, you can be a host of community solar garden on your property.



Can i join community solar garden if i live in an apartment?

Yes, whether you are a renter living in an apartment or a town homw you can be part of community garden.